Terms & Conditions

We expect fair use of our resources.

The NGO must be registered with the government and holding a valid registration number is order to register to our website.

The evaluation criteria will be solely under the jurisdiction of AnchorCSR and its jury for which no complaints, suggestions or request will be entertained.

AnchorCSR is an emerging platform which facilitates NGOs to showcase their work, provide transparency to CSR activities. We try our best to detect and evaluate and misguiding or fake information, however AnchorCSR assumes no responsible for any misinformation, misguidance provided by the NGOs which is not under the knowledge of AnchorCSR.

AnchorCSR cannot be held responsible for safety of any transaction happening or an individual meeting outside the jurisdiction of AnchorCSR.

AnchorCSR is not responsible for the authenticity of expenditure done by NGO, however our experts carefully review each event by hand before approving them only after which the score is allocated.

AnchorCSR has the right to deny any event a score or completely remove it in case it appears fishy and not meeting up with the authenticity standards of the experts at AnchorCSR. However a chance is always given to the NGO in order to provide the authenticity as required by AnchorCSR.

AnchorCSR has the right to remove any NGO from the portal, if it does not perform up to the mark or appears fishy in the best interest of its users.

AnchorCSR reserves the right to promote any emerging NGOs on its social platforms as well as the website. However the scoring will remain unaffected by any such promotion.